B2B meetings in Yaoundé and Douala a success for The Belinga Foundation

The presentation of the foundation to the souls of good will in the two main cities of Cameroon was a resounding success that defies even the most optimistic forecasts.

240 guests (120 in Douala and 120 in Yaoundé), more than 4 hours of presentation, 4 documentaries screened and especially 50 minutes of masterly presentation of the Foundation by the PCA Professor Steve Felix Belinga, all this put to music without any great clash, it had to be done.

Professor Steve Belinga of the Foundation will evoke the great adventure and the progressive establishment of the Foundation. Relying on anecdotes, the most striking of which was that of Diallo, a childhood playmate who excelled in the design and construction of bamboo cars, the PCA developed his notion of “multiplier effects” to captivate the audience.

A successful bet since many requests for interviews and promises of partnership have punctuated these two outings in Yaounde and Douala. As a proof, the very serious newspaper Echo Santé places him among the most influential people of the medical world in Cameroon.

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