The Belinga Foundation unveils itself to willing souls in Douala and Yaoundé.

The foundation, whose action was so far confined to the district of Mengong, now intends to take a national and even international scope.

On this occasion, the foundation will expose its know-how and its results to the Ghota of the economic and political capitals of our country during a B2B meeting on February 6 and 8.

Media men, diplomats, political personalities, government members, opinion leaders, representatives of non-governmental organizations, it is not less than 250 handpicked people who will have the time of an evening an overview of the activities of the foundation.

Of course, the Foundation does not intend to leave an imperishable memory of these good works in the minds of the various personalities, which is why each guest will go home with numerous kits including polo shirts, umbrellas, a complete documentation and especially a USB key containing several documentaries on the Foundation.

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