“Sikolo ane mfi” Initiative, premiere on February 8.

After the HEALTH axis on January 27, it is the turn of the EDUCATION axis to enter the dance through an innovative initiative.

Called “Sikolo ane mfi”, which could be translated as “education is essential” or “education is the basis”, the new approach in terms of education of The Belinga Foundation will know its baptism of fire this February 8, 2023 in the agglomeration of Mengong.

The Foundation’s new impetus in the field of education begins in the village of Nyenge Yekombo. This area has been chosen to host the educational community of the Mengong district. On the program, activities coordinated by Mr. Evele Esso’one, district inspector of basic education.
Educational talks, art competition between students, games and competitions on ICT, sports activities and many other attractions.

Ultimately the objective is “to identify and accompany our children, leaders of tomorrow, and promote excellence in primary, secondary and higher education.
And to do this, the new approach in terms of education of the Foundation wants “to bring the people of the locality of Mengong closer to the educational community, which could facilitate the insertion of many young people in school.”

As a reminder, as a prelude to this day, the Foundation’s teams and volunteers were active for three weeks.

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