Successful debut for the Health Zero initiative.

The Belinga Foundation’s new approach to health is off to a great start.

January 23, 2023 is a day to remember for The Belinga Foundation and especially for the people of the Mengong district. Until then a vision of the mind and a conjecture, the Health Zero Initiative, which consists in bringing medical care closer to the people at reduced prices, has become a reality.

For this life-size test, it was the village of Nnemmeyong I that hosted the medical teams headed by The Belinga Foundation. 8 doctors and nurses, 4 traditional practitioners, assisted by volunteers and staff of the foundation, installed in the premises of the 3rd level chiefdom of Nnemeyong I, provided care for a whole day to the people of the Mvi’i South canton.

A total of 44 people, ranging in age from 20 to 82, received various types of care. Questioned by our teams, Dr. Messomo, head of the Mengong health district, revealed that most of the people consulted suffered from “rheumatic pains”. We also note the presence of several pregnant women who took the opportunity to have their prenatal check-up.

The day ended with an evaluation meeting jointly coordinated by Joseph Mfou’ou Samba, responsible for the HEALTH axis of the foundation and Sister Akumba, the oldest member of the health team. During the said meeting, the caregivers and the foundation’s team were pleased with the good progress of the campaign while promising to redouble their efforts so that the next one will be even more prolific in terms of care provided. The problems and shortcomings were also identified in order to be eliminated by the next campaign.

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