A delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Relations on a working visit to the premises of The Belinga Foundation.

Last Tuesday, December 20, a delegation of three people, mandated by the specialized services of the ministry in the framework of the preliminary investigation prior to the granting of an approval in due form to The Belinga Foundation and led by Mr. Tchapseu, head of department at the Ministry of Foreign Relations made a working visit to The Belinga Foundation.

During this visit, which lasted nearly four hours and began at eleven o’clock sharp, the ministry’s representatives, who had come as “scouts”, were able to get a first-hand look at the work carried out so far by The Belinga Foundation.

Once the usual formalities were completed, the team from the Ministry of External Relations went straight to work.

The session begins with a word from the focal point of the Foundation Mr. Mfou’ou Samba Joseph who briefly recalls the activities carried out since 2018 by The Belinga Foundation. Then the ministry team views a 15-minute documentary that much more than the words of the focal point allows them to touch the multi-sectoral actions of the foundation.

The session ended with an exchange between the members of the delegation of the Ministry of External Relations and some beneficiaries of the Foundation’s actions in the fields of HEALTH, EDUCATION and social affairs.

Once the session in the room was over, the team led by Mr. Tchapseu visited the traditional authorities of the district, notably the paramounts chiefs, gathered at SM Oyono Ekata’a Douglas, the paramount chief of the Mvi’I North canton.  Then, the team will visit the sub-prefect and the mayor.

Addressing the team from Yaoundé, His Majesty Ndamba Beyeme, paramount Chief of the  Fale I canton, the oldest traditional chief, speaking on behalf of the chiefs and the population, after having underlined the impact of the foundation’s actions on the lives of the people here, thanked them for the support that the authorities give to the foundation.

This is more or less the same speech that the sub-prefect of the Mengong district, Mrs. Ngono Mireille Sonia, will give them.

Mr. Tchapseu, the head of delegation, responded by reassuring the traditional chiefs and the sub-prefect that he and his delegation had taken note of the work done by the Foundation.

It is a team completely satisfied and almost acquired to the cause of The Belinga Foundation that set off again for Yaounde around 3 pm not without having reassured all the team of the foundation that the file of approval of the foundation is only a formality.


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