31st edition of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, The Belinga Foundation lights up the party.

The International Day of Persons with Disabilities has been organized every December 3rd since 1992 by the United Nations to support people with disabilities. It aims to raise awareness of disability issues and promote “Design for All” with the intention of ensuring the rights of people with disabilities, and integrating people with disabilities into political, economic and cultural life.
This year, it is celebrated under the theme “Transformative solutions for inclusive development: the role of innovation to fuel an accessible and equitable world”. A theme that echoes the ideals of The Belinga Foundation, which has made the improvement of living conditions for all its hobbyhorse

Christmas before time in Mengong.

For this edition, Mrs. Sarah Nkoum, district delegate for social affairs decided to do even better than in previous years. Thus, not only people living with disabilities, but also the elderly and vulnerable people (widows and destitute) were honored on this day. It was during a beautiful ceremony organized in the village Nnemeyong III at the home of Mrs. Amvouna Chantal president of the association of disabled people of the sector Ndeng-Nkoletoto’o.
On the menu of the ceremony, a parade, sketches, cultural activities, a mini fair, a discussion session, practical trainings and especially the handing over of donations which for the most part were offered by the major partner of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Mengong The Belinga Foundation.

The Belinga Foundation, a major partner.

Wheelchairs, white canes, English canes, food donations, agricultural inputs and even financial support. As always, The Belinga Foundation did not do things by halves to help people living with disabilities, often wrongly considered as second class citizens. And in her speech, the social affairs delegate did not fail to emphasize the importance of these donations and especially the partnership that now links The Belinga Foundation to her department. Mr. Mfou’ou Smaba Joseph, the Foundation’s focal point and representative of the PCA who was unable to attend, responded by recalling the vision of a better society defended by The Belinga Foundation.
For their part, the recipients did not fail to thank the foundation for having thought of them, so often forgotten and abandoned by all. This is the case of Therese, a hemiplegic from the village of Nkoletoto’o, abandoned by her family and living alone with her 10 year old son; recipient of a wheelchair who declared “I am moved to tears because I finally feel like a living being in my own right. I was forced to rely on others for everything I wanted to do. But now it’s over”.

Golden wedding for the couple Oye’e Medou.

However, the happiest people of the day are undoubtedly the Oye’e Medou’s couple proudly displaying 56 years of life together, who were offered a special award celebrating the longevity of their union, from the foundation. Receiving their gift from the hands of the deputy prefect of the Mengong district, Mr. Oye’e Medou, the husband did not fail to express his gratitude to the foundation. For her part, Mrs. Aben Efemba, the wife took the opportunity to give advice to the young people on the secrets of a successful marriage.

The ceremony ended with a sumptuous banquet offered to the guests by the different associations

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