First real test of audience for the festival. As the first two days fall on a weekend, one can wonder if the crowd will be there on a working day, and moreover on the first day of the week. But these doubts are quickly swept away as soon as we arrive at the festival village, the nerve center of this event. The exhibitors are already there much more numerous than the first two days, which obliges the staff of The Belinga Foundation to review the interior arrangements of the sheds to accommodate the new arrivals.

On their side, the festival-goers are not waiting long and very quickly clusters of people gather around the stands, dissipating the last doubts of the valiant team of The Belinga Foundation, which continues to be at the oven and the mill to make sure that things go well

Time flies when you spend it in a pleasant way and very quickly, it’s time to go to the stadium for the soccer tournament whose games start at 11 o’clock sharp. It is worth noting that apart from the evening’s music concert, soccer is the main attraction of the day. Who says attraction says show and show there is on the playground of the municipal stadium on the occasion of the duel of the brothers enemies where the club 2-0 of Mengong defeats Admiral of Mengong Yat by 8 goals to 1 for the closing match of the day.

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