Sunday, day of worship in this locality strongly impregnated by the Christian religion. One would have expected that the festival village would be deserted, at least during the first hours of this second day of the festival, most people choosing to go to the worship first before coming to visit the festival village where the exhibitors are there from the first light of dawn; just as one would have expected that, tired by the long day of the day before, those of the festival-goers who are not very connected to the religion (that also exists here) would rest from the tiredness of the day before.

Miscalculations! It is barely 7 am when the latecomers of the day before and all those who come from far away and could not be there at the solemn opening of the festival invade the village of the festival, posing a regagrd amazed on the stands and the products exposed. “I couldn’t miss it for anything in the world”, sneaking between the stand of the basket makers who proudly exhibit rattan chairs and that of a sculptor. One of these newcomers heads towards the teams of The Belinga Foundation who are already hard at work on the site and asks “What is the program of the day?” his neighbor has

another concern: “Is it still possible to register as an exhibitor? “Both are almost

immediately followed by another who also has a particular concern “Tell me, when is

the songo contest?”

This second day of the Festival has an even busier program than the first day. Three soccer matches are scheduled, and in the evening, the first phase of the gospel music contest

On their side, the many media men who came to cover this unprecedented event in the

department of Mvila are hard at work, interviews, shooting, reports “Usually, we

struggle to sell a case of beer per day, but only since Saturday I have sold all my

stock,” said a bar owner. The highlight of the day will undoubtedly be the arrival of Chairman of the board  of The Belinga Foundation Pr Steve Felix Belinga and his wife the vice chairman of board. Mireille Gracia Belinga Who, prevented, the day before could not themselves carry out the launch of

the festival. Arriving at about 2 pm, they began by attending the second soccer match

of the day between Renaissance of Ngomesane and Albatros of Ke’eke. Leaving the stadium a few minutes before the end of the game, theChairman of the Board and the vice-chairman of the board  walked the 800 meters separating the stadium from the village of the stadium in order to feel the popular craze around the festival. Everyone here wants to see the initiator of this project.

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