EDUCATION: handing over of donations to schools; His Majesty Ndamba Beyeme representative of the traditional chiefs: “I would like to urge the beneficiaries to make good use of this important donation”

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, The belinga Foundation proceeded to a donation of school materials and equipment for the benefit of various schools in the district of Mengong.


The main beneficiaries of this donation are the students, teachers, parents and especially the village communities who see their infrastructure improved.

It was therefore appropriate to give the floor to the representatives of the village communities.

Speaking on behalf of all the traditional chiefs (and consequently of the village communities), His Majesty Ndamba Beyeme, Paramount Chief of the Fale I Division, began by expressing his immense joy: “The words of the chiefs can only be those of fulfilled parents,” he declared at the beginning of his speech; before congratulating The Belinga Foundation while urging it to continue in this vein: “I would like to exhort the foundation not to stop in such a good way.”

To the direct beneficiaries (teachers and students), His Majesty asked them “to make good use of this important gift”.

Per the teachers concerned, these words of wisdom are not falling on deaf ears.





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