EDUCATION: handing over of donations to schools; Georges Désiré Melongo, school director: “We are going to make good use of this material”.

On October 11, the traditional annual presentation of donations to schools took place in the hall of the Mayor of Mengong.

The Belinga Foundation took the opportunity to show its commitment to improving the quality of education in the Mengong district. However, all these efforts would be nullified if the teachers in whose hands this material, fruit of the sacrifice of the donors, were not used efficiently or worse, if its destination were diverted.

Expressing his satisfaction to have received everything he asked for, Georges Désiré Melongo, director of the public school of Mengong Group I, reassured the donors, the population and especially the top management of The Belinga Foundation that the material will be used to serve what is rightfully theirs by declaring: “We will use this material wisely.

Of course, even if we can only trust the teachers who have all welcomed this initiative, we continue to call on each teacher to make responsible use of the material given to him or her so that the maximum number of generations of learners can benefit from it.



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