EDUCATION: handing over of donations to schools; Claye Atangana in charge of the EDUCATION axis at The Belinga Foundation: “Our objective is to improve the image of education in the district of Mengong”.

New strong achievement of The Belinga Foundation which is increasingly asserting itself in social action in the township of Mengong with a third brilliant action for the calendar year 2022 alone. After SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT in March, ARTS and CULTURE in July, it was the turn of education to benefit from donations during a ceremony widely attended this Tuesday, October 11, 2022.


During the said ceremony, the head of the EDUCATION axis of the Foundation, the kingpin of this award, in his speech of general presentation, emphasized the determination of the Foundation to work in the social affirming “The Belinga Foundation is decided to work in the social.


A determination that is manifested in particular by the fact that we have gone from 8 beneficiary schools in 2021 (7 elementary school, 1 kindergarten) to 42 schools in 2022 (14 kindergartens, 21 elementary school, 7 high schools and colleges) with for the first time donations to colleges and high schools. This represents an increase of more than 400% in the number of beneficiary schools, which Mr. Claye Beranger Atangana, who declared “the work of the children in the 8 pioneer schools is satisfactory”, explains by the quality of the results obtained by the schools financed last year.

A clear improvement of the school results which confirms the Top management of The Belinga Foundation in the idea that the impact of the actions carried out in the field of EDUCATION is more than positive.

However, far from resting on its laurels, The Belinga Foundation, through the voice of the head of the EDUCATION axis of the Foundation Claye Atangana who hammers “Our goal is to raise the image of education in the district of Mengong”, remains determined to ensure a better future for the youth of Mengong through quality education.



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