The Belinga Foundation helps the elderly.

Sunday October 1st was celebrated as World Older Persons Day. On this occasion, the district social affairs delegation organized a multitude of activities, most of them sponsored by The Belinga Foundation.

It was during a marathon day hosted by the 3rd degree chieftaincy of the Ebap village, a day which was the culmination of more than a month of preparation. Indeed, this day is the culmination of numerous preparatory meetings and various awareness and training campaigns and educational talks on preparing for a peaceful retirement, on how to stay active and on healthy living, particularly ‘food.

As a prelude to this day rich in sounds and colors, a round table was organized on the theme: “Inclusive development: the elderly as actor and beneficiary. » and also human investment days. As for the day itself, the program was more than tough. With among other activities Senior Women’s and Men’s Football, sales exhibitions, dance competitions, and a songho tournament. The day ended with a solidarity meal and a distribution of basic necessities.

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