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#1- Better schools for a brighter future

Here comes the new school year during which The Belinga Foundation intends to renew its commitment to Education ! They are the leaders of tomorrow, those to fix climate change, reduce poverty, and raise our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Last year, we were able to attend to 8 (EIGHT) Primary Schools and Kindergartens. This year, the demand is higher, and will feature ALL 42 (FORTY-TWO) Schools in Mengong county: 14 Kindergartens(Mengong,Nyengue,Ngomesane,Nnemeyong I, Ababita,Ekouk,Abiete, Mengong Bilingual,Ato’oveng,Endam I,Ngoulessaman,Nkoletoto, Nko’ovos II,Nnemeyong I ), 21 Elementary Schools (Mengong group I, Mengong Group II,Mengong Bilingual, Endam I, Abiete,Ke’eke,Nnemeyong III,Nnemeyong I, Ebap,Nkan,Nko’ovos II,Nguet, Emanevam,Loum,Mvangue,Ato’oveng,Ekouk,Mbo’abang,Ngoulessamane,Nkoletoto,Nyengue) 7 Secondary Schools (  GBSS Mengong,GSS Ekouk, GTSS Mengong,Protestant Secondary School Akono Nko’o, GHS Ato’oveng, GHS loum, GHS Mengong)  for a total of almost 10,000 learners (half the county population).

Our goal is to provide those schools with computers, office supplies, teaching materials, learning materials, hygiene and sanitation equipment and much more. We believe that this will trigger the next step in the evolution of our Education concept.

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