SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Evaluation tour of projects financed by the foundation.

Emmmanuel Deschanel Eto’o, responsible for the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT axis of The Belinga Foundation, toured the CIGs that have received funding from The belinga Foundation from November 22 to 24 to get an idea of the results obtained almost six months after the funding was granted.

On March 29, twenty or so CIGs specialized in agriculture, livestock and fish farming received donations from The Belinga Foundation. This was a first wave of funding for the Foundation which could rightly be considered as a test phase whose results should help the Foundation to implement its vision of development.

6 months later, the time has come to evaluate the different types of projects. With a few exceptions, we can say that the seed has germinated and that the fruits have kept the promise of the flowers.
From the cassava of Nyengue and Nkolebengue to the corn of Nkolowon, from the tomato of Essessana to the pigs of Nnemeyon 3, Emmanuel Deschanel Eto’o has visited them all, exchanging with the project leaders and managers, evaluating the state of progress and taking note of the difficulties encountered by them.
And the progress is more than satisfactory. Maize has already been harvested and sold in most of the CIGs that have opted for this crop. Pigs are growing well. As for cassava, it will soon be harvested and sold.

Total satisfaction therefore in view of the progress of the projects. We could even talk about success for this first test. This confirms the team of The belinga Foundation in its vision and allows us to be optimistic and to say that the future is bright



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